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  1. A potential mentor completes TMP training, “Volunteering with Minors” application, and has been approved to mentor .
  2. A potential mentee and his/her parents talk about being mentored and sign up using above form.
  3. The most current mentee waiting list is regularly shared with potential mentors.  The TMP leadership (initiated by the Youth Staff, assisted by Contact Persons and Mentor Coaches) suggest and help make potential connections.
  4. A potential mentor asks a potential mentee and their parents/guardian if they would like to be mentored.
  5. Potential mentor and mentee meet together with mentee’s parents/guardians to determine if a mentoring relationship is suitable.
  6. Mentor and mentee and mentee’s parent/guardian sign one year commitment and begin meeting.
Mentoring Commitment Form

Mentoring Commitment – First Year

Mentors make a commitment to meet at least twice a month for one year:

  • When and how that time fits into their schedule is up to each mentor/mentee.  It is suggested to commit to a specific time to ensure success (e.g.: Meeting every other Wednesday evening).
  • Mentors make a commitment to be proactive in setting up the time in which he/she meets with his/her mentee and following through.
  • The parent/guardian of the mentee makes a commitment to encourage an opening in their child’s schedule in order for them to meet with their mentee regularly.

Mentoring Commitment – Renewal

At the beginning of each school year (August) or after 12 months of the initial commitment:

  • Mentor initiates a conversation with mentee and asks if he/she would like to continue the mentoring relationship.
  • The mentor also talks to the parent/guardian (preferably in person) about if they would like the mentoring relationship to continue as well.
  • The mentor brings a renewal mentoring commitment form to be signed by the mentor, mentee and parent/guardian.