"Doing what needs to get done."

Mentoring: Doing What Needs to Get Done

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Mentoring is “doing what needs to get done.”   That’s what mentor Bill W says.

About five years ago Bloomingdale Church launched a mentoring initiative, inspired by The Mentoring Project.  We have learned and been challenged:

  • Adolescents who are placed in an active mentoring relationship reap huge benefits.
  • There remains a healthy interest among adults in our church to train as mentors.  (We have already trained more than 75 people.)
  • Successfully placing mentors with mentees is currently our most challenging road-block.

Because mentoring is “what needs to be done”, we have set the following program adjustments into motion:

  • Revitalizing our “Introduction to Mentoring” training:  We are placing quarterly training dates on the calendar, and actively inviting people from our church and community to “come find out how to be a mentor.”
  • Adolescent matching at Bloomingdale Church:  We are reconsidering how to more successfully match adult mentors and teen mentees from our church.
  • Supporting community-based mentoring initiatives:  We are building partnerships with local community-based programs (e.g. local schools) to provide them with trained mentors to help fulfill their waiting lists.
  • Serving while mentoring: We are fostering a “mentoring culture” within our church programs in which adults who volunteer alongside adolescents view themselves as a mentor (e.g. an adult Awana Leader serving alongside a teen Leader-In-Training).

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