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Understanding Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, and Self-Destructive Behaviors – Parenting Teens & Adult Leader Training

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What can we do together to help our youth?  This question often drives the youth ministry at Bloomingdale Church. Grant Stenzel, a local licensed counselor, recently spoke at our Parenting Teens Series on the topic, “Understanding Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, and Self-Destructive Behaviors.”  We also used his video at our recent Mentors/ Adult Youth Leaders training to discuss practical steps to take because of the potential issues in these areas:

  1. Realize self-esteem influences self-harm and self-destructive behaviors. Interestingly, for teens, what they believe about themselves is not as important to them as what they believe others think of them.
  2. Emphasize what we can do as influencers to ensure our students receive support in these areas.  Presence and influence are an important in the lives of students.
  3. Incorporate the lessons of James 1:19b in how we relate to our students: “…be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,”  Patience, listening and not reacting negatively are necessary when relating to teens.

What you can do:

  • Pray for students.
  • Be vigilant.
  • Provide support when students are in need.
  • Work together to make our youth group a safe haven for students.
  • Watch Grant Stenzel’s talk:

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